About Us

Ann Madison grew up in rural Wisconsin on a farm near Eau Claire. The youngest of 3 siblings, Ann was gifted in arts and crafts at an early age. Her father was a world record big game hunter specializing in whitetail deer as well as an accomplished artist. Ann’s mother was an excellent landscape artists who sold hundreds of landscape and garden paintings throughout the midwest.

It was the inspiration provided by her family which Ann took hold of in learning to make jewelry. She new she had to find a niche in order to stand out in the crowded field of custom jewelry, which is why she took a stand in the hunting and landscape markets. Not only where these close to her heart because of her closely knitted family relationships, but Ann grew close to these pastimes because she really enjoyed them on her own as well.

Currently Ann lives with her family near Osseo, WI where she works with her daughter on keeping the family business thriving.

Unique Jewelry For Hunters & Landscape Lovers!