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Wisconsin jewelry for home apparel.

It’s Ann Madison here, owner of the site and originator of the fine and unique line of hunting and landscape orientated jewelry you will find on this website. When I first started hand crafting and selling deer hunting and landscape themed jewelry out of my garage in Osseo, WI I must admit I never imagined what kind of incredible response I would get from people. While I knew there were a lot of nature lovers out there, and sportsmen and woman with a real love and passion for hunting, fishing, and everything outdoors, I had no idea what a need there was for this type of unique jewelry.

Great For Deer Hunters Looking To Land A Big Buck!My business quickly grew in early 2011 when I found myself running from flea market to flea market all across the state. Adams County, Columbia County, Sauk County, Marquette, Juneau, Green Lake…you name it and I was there showing my line of custom, hand crafted jewelry to people hunting for truly unique items that were one of a kind and not sold in stores.

Last year my daughter hopped on board, jumping ship from her position at Bushnell Hunting Optics to join me. Originally Debra was going to be a landscaper with a local company out of Augusta, WI. So she’s always has a knack for the outdoors. It didn’t take much practice and she was off and running on her own creating our line of mountain landscape necklaces.

In 2014, just last year we opened up a whole new shop much better tools to help us work faster and better. Now we are able to go from an idea in our heads, to an initial mock-up to production in only a couple of days. Our new Huntsman TX45 3D printer is making the design process soooo much faster and more economical. The overall result is better quality products delivered to you, our treasured customers more quickly and with greater attention to detail!

A lot of you have been asking about my husband Dan. He only works part time now as he started a archery and crossbow reviews website (totalcrossbow.com is the home page). It’s a great site for info on crossbow hunting and gear etc.

Dan is also running a new camping and hiking product review website with gear reviews, camping tent and cot reviews, portable generator reviews and more. Don’t get me wrong, Dan is still helping out and comes up with some great design ideas for our hunting related items, but most of his time is spent talking to buyers, and landscaping our front yard when I think it needs a little shaping up! 😉

As always, we are truly grateful and flattered that you, our loyal customers, have been so supportive of our designs, and continue to support us and share what we believe is truly unique and high quality body ornaments to the world! We love the fact that people send us there old shell casings, bullet tips, and other metal items related to anything and everything related to the outdoors and landscape! Being able to recycle these items and turn them into truly unique works of art is part of what makes this job so satisfying and unique!

We are also working on a complete line of jewelry and Wisconsin themed gifts and apparel for our friends at WisconsinFan.com. Stay tuned for more info on these exciting products.  Many of you are familar with WisconsinFan as a major retailer of Badgers and Packers t-shirts and hoodies but now they are also going to be selling badger state themed jewelry and gifts.

As most of you know, this is our new website. We will be updating it shortly with photos and info on our new product lines when time allows. Until then, please feel free to contact us with any and all questions or to just say “Hi”, we would love hearing from you!

Also, if you need landscaping supplies like faux stone edgers, well insulation, or fake rock covers to hide ugly septics etc in your yard please check out out friends over at https://rocksfast.com.  We are actually working with them on a line of artificial stones to use in some of our jewelry designs. More on that later.

Thank You,
Ann T. Madison

Unique Jewelry For Hunters & Landscape Lovers!